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About Me

My current weapons of choice are WordPress , PHP , jQuery, and MySQL. Being both an engineer and designer, I help clients bring their ideas into reality.I spend an unhealthy amount of time designing WordPress themes. I passionately work on web to move lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites.  When I’m not, I design a bunch of free stuff for wordpress plugin.This site is both my workplace and my playground. I’m passionate about creating a good user experience and as a technology enthusiast I enjoy learning new things… I like to program in PHP, ASP, JS and others.

I specialise in front-end development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I write clean, semantic, standards-based markup that’s optimised to give the sites I build as great a response time as possible.

I also offer content management integration so you can maintain your site easily. I have extensive experience with systems such as WordPress and am skilled in the use of PHP to ensure these systems can be moulded to your sites unique needs.
Professionally, I design websites and brand identities for awesome clients. Personal projects or client work, I’m always interested in collaborating with cool people and companies on cool ideas. I’m passionate about design and technology, and about how they can come together to impact consumers and the real world in a positive way.


I can provide services in next scope of technologies.

Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, SQL
Standards: XML, Ajax, JSON, OOP, MVC
JS Frameworks: JQuery
Databases: MySQL, SQLite
CMS: WordPress , concrete5 , CMS Made Simple
WEB Servers: Apache
Payment Systems:  PayPal API
Graphical Editors: Photoshop
Operation Systems: Windows, Simply Linux
API: Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Geocoding, Twitter

I use WordPress and PHP for all of my projects and write semantic, standard-compliant code. Have a look at My Portfolio or Contact Me.


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