Open Source PHP 5.5.0 : Released With Zend Opcache, Generators

This is great news for the web’s most popular scripting language that the long-awaited PHP 5.5.0 has finally been released. This release includes a large number of new features and bug fixes. Among the biggest items in this release is the inclusion of the Zend Optimizer and Opscode cache.

PHP 5.5 also includes a new password hashing API that I first wrote about in November of 2012. The TL;dr version of what this does is it will improve security in a good way by making it easier for developers to use secure password hashing.

“The password hashing API provides an easy to use wrapper around crypt() to make it easy to create and manage passwords in a secure manner.”

The main key features of PHP 5.5.0 include:

  •    Added generators and coroutines.
  •    Added the finally keyword.
  •    Added a simplified password hashing API.
  •    Added support for constant array/string dereferencing.
  •    Added scalar class name resolution via ::class.
  •    Added support for using empty() on the result of function calls and other expressions.
  •    Added support for non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach.
  •    Added support for list() constructs in foreach statements.
  •    Added the Zend OPcache extension for opcode caching.
  •    The GD library has been upgraded to version 2.1 adding new functions and improving existing functionality.
  •    A lot more improvements and fixes.

Changes that affect compatibility:

  •   PHP logo GUIDs have been removed.
  •   PHP 5.5.0 will not support Windows XP and Server 2003.
  •   Case insensitivity is no longer locale specific. All case insensitive matching for function, class and constant names is now performed in a locale independent manner according to ASCII rules.

For a full list of changes in PHP 5.5.0, see the ChangeLog.

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